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Lesley Vamos


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Marc McBride

Sean McMullen

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Michael Panckridge

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Judith Rossell

Michael Salmon

Claire Saxby

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Dee White

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Mark Wilson 


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Phil Kettle

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Marianne de Pierres

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Dimity Powell

Pamela Rushby

Angela Sunde

Karen Tyrrell

Lynelle Zita Westlake

Michelle Worthington 


Leonie Norrington


Tania McCartney

Stephanie Owen-Reeder

Tracey Hawkins


Marc McBride

Preferred audience: primary school age

Marc McBride's first picture book was The Kraken in 2001 written by Gary Crew. Since then he has illustrated many books including the hugely successful Deltora Quest and Quentaris series, The Deltora Book of Monsters, Old Ridley, Journey From The Centre Of The Earth and Tales of Deltora. His latest book is called World of Monsters.

Marc demonstrates and discusses his airbrush techniques. Schools are thrilled to keep the paintings!

Judith Rossell

Preferred audience: Primary school years (ages 5-12)

Judith worked as a government scientist, for a cotton spinning company, and studied textile design in Scotland before becoming a full-time illustrator.

Judith’s books include the sumptuously illustrated maze adventure books The Lost Treasure of the Green Iguana, The Haunted Castle of Count Viper, and The Mystery of the Golden Crocodile, the adventure hunt-and-find book Hector and the Mythical Creatures and two puzzle books starring the ingenious rat detective, Inspector Stilton, I Spy with Inspector Stilton and Inspector Stilton and the Missing Jewels. These books have been published in many countries.

As well, she has illustrated many books by other authors, including Me and You (by Janet Holmes), Wrong Way (by Mark Macleod) and the Skoz the Dog series (by Andrew Daddo). She has written two novels, Jack Jones and the Pirate Curse, and Sam and the Killer Robot. Judith lives in Melbourne, Australia.

Michael Panckridge

Preferred audience: Upper primary then lower secondary (up to and including Year 8)

Inspired by his passion for sport and desire to get reluctant readers engaged in books, Michael Panckridge put his mind to finding out what it is kids want to read. Ten years later he finds himself the author of over 35 books – his work ranging from the best-selling Legends and Anniversary Legends series, the Toby Jones series (a rich blend of cricket and fantasy), through to his latest novels including The Cursed, The Vanishings and The Immortal – adventure books with elements of mystery and intrigue that keep the reader guessing. His latest series is The Book of Gabrielle – a sinister tale about a girl without a past and an extraordinary ability to see things others can’t.

Michael is happy talking to small or large groups of children – yr 3s to yr 7s. He presents informative and engaging general author talks that focus especially on encouraging reluctant readers to read! Michael is also willing to run writing workshops with similar aged groups of students. As an experienced teacher, Michael is well able to motivate and entertain children.

Tony Thompson

Preferred audience: secondary school age

Tony Thompson is the author of two non fiction books for teenagers, Shakespeare:The Most Famous Man in London and Vampires: An Unhistory of the Undead. His articles and reviews have appeared in The Age and The Australian. Originally from Canada, he now lives in West Footscray where he works as a freelance writer and educational consultant.

His talk on Shakespeare is a wild ride through the backstreets of London circa 1595. If your students think that this playwright is all about ‘thee’ and ‘thou’, this talk will make them think again. ‘Not for the faint of heart,’ commented one teacher after he had spoken to her Year 9 class. The Vampire talk is a history of the creature and includes the five questions that must be answered by all aspiring writers seeking to put their stamp on this genre. Both talks are aimed at secondary students. Tony also offers lectures on a number of VCE texts and Shakespeare plays.

Robert Greenberg

Preferred audience: secondary school

Robert’s writing career began when he won the Best Sentence Competition in Grade 3. Since then he has written for The Age, had 3 children’s books published with Penguin and has written scripts for some of Australia’s most loved children’s television including Round the Twist.

Robert demystifies script writing through deconstructing a produced script he has written then showing the finished scene. He talks about writing visually, making sure that character is action and how to write effective dialogue. His talks work for secondary school students who are doing film or media or visual literacy and he is happy to take questions as part of his talks.

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