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Book Week Approaching!

Librarians: Have you organised your illustrator/author for Book or Literacy Week? If not, we have presenters that you may not have thought about having at your school or library. Visit our own speakers' agency, Creative Net (

We represent over 50 authors and illustrators -- some aren't even listed on other agency sites. Remember, unlike other agencies, we don't charge a fee for our services. You only pay the presenter, not Creative Net. Email us for a quote before you book your next author and illustrator. You'll be surprised at how much you'll save.

(Below are a few of Creative Net's presenters: L-R Justin D'Ath, Mark Greenwood, George Ivanoff, Marc McBride, Frane Lessac, Isobelle Carmody, Meredith Costain, Krista Bell and Leigh Hobbs.) 




It's been a busy year for Ford Street. Luckily we've been aided by some great interns. These include Gemma, Cemil, Lauren, Emiko, Tira, Beau, Lynne, Sue, Stephanie and Sherree. We've also been ably assisted by editors extraordinaire, Saralinda Turner and Niki Horin and our over-the-top fantastic designer, Grant Gittus.

So far this team has published two new Hazard River books, Bat Attack! and Tiger Terror! by JE Fison, Bobo, My Superdog by Michael Salmon; Mole Hunt by Paul Collins; and Changing Yesterday by Sean McMullen.

We've also had considerable successes with past books. Reprints this year include: Trust Me! edited by Paul Collins; The Glasshouse by Paul Collins and illustrated by Jo Thompson and Rufus the Numbat by David Miller. 

Our latest trailers are up-and-running: Mole Hunt: The Glasshouse trailer is at:

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We have 2kg post packs full of stickers and bookmarks for the first ten librarians, booksellers or festival organisers to email us their postal address. Contrary to the maxim "Nothing is for free", these actually are. However, to allay suspicions, let's at least give you something to work for. Tell us which Australian authors and illustrators you would like to see in our new anthology, Trust Me Too.

Keep an eye out for the rest of our 2011 releases: two more Hazard River titles in August: Blood Money! and Toads' Revenge! by JE Fison, The Key to Starveldt by Foz Meadows in October, Gamers' Challenge by George Ivanoff and Riley and the Grumpy Wombat by Tania McCartney and illustrated by Kieron Pratt in September.

Librarians and festival organisers

Creative Net authors and illustrators at our Scotch College Literary Luncheon Festival in November. 
Presenters included David Miller, Sean McMullen, Justin D'Ath, Hazel Edwards, Michael Salmon, Dee White, Felicity Marshall, Doug MacLeod, Meredith Costain, Paul Collins, George Ivanoff, Foz Meadows, JE Fison, Liz Flaherty and Jo Thompson. Graham Davey was our emcee.

Jo Thompson holds up her Crichton Award short-listed book, The Glasshouse (written by Paul Collins). The book was also chosen by International IBBY as an outstanding book. Only four Australian picture books were chosen.

David Miller's picture book Rufus the Numbat was short-listed for the Wilderness Society Award. A film option has also been taken out on David's picture book, Big and Me.

Hazel Edwards and Ryan Kennedy's transgender book, F2m, has been nominated in the Rainbow Books Award:

Congrats also to Hazel Edwards and Ryan Kennedy on having f2m chosen for the White Ravens! Only 250 books from around the world are awarded this honour. For more on the White Ravens:

Congratulations to David Miller (Rufus the Numbat) and Felicity Marshall (The Star) for their Notable Books in the 2011 CBCA awards!

Sean McMullen, author of Before the Storm and the forthcoming sequel, Changing Yesterday, has just been short-listed in the Hugos for his novelette "Eight Miles" published in Analog. For a full list:

Kirstyn McDermott on behalf of the Australian SF Foundation presented Paul Collins with the A Bertram Chandler award at Continuum on June 10. The award is for lifetime achievement in Australian science fiction and fantasy. For a full list of Ditmar and other award winners:

Yarra Valley Grammar and Catholic College Bendigo will host a Ford Street Literary Luncheon event later this year. Students from surrounding schools will attend a lunch, workshops and talks with Creative Net authors and illustrators including Hazel Edwards, Phil Kettle, Meredith Costain, Lorraine Marwood and many others. Let us know if you'd like to host such an event at your school or library. Again, we don't actually charge to organise these events. Contact Terrie at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Below are more of the authors and illustrators we represent: Lorraine Marwood, Meredith Costain and Paul Collins, Hazel Edwards (with collaborator, Ryan Kennedy), Michael Salmon and Phil Kettle.

The sort of author Ford Street loves. George is Out There:


Media: Please contact us if you would like to interview any of our authors and illustrators, review their books, or would like more information. 

AuthorsAny writers out there, check out the new writing workshop in Bali with award winning author Phillip Gwynne.
It’s a must for anyone wanting to take their manuscript to the next level. Published.

Teachers: are you interested in getting your students not only to write but to get published? You can't go past Ozkids In Print. They publish students' work from around the country. At the end of the year they choose short-lists in art, poems, fiction, photography and hold an impressive awards ceremony to present the winners with trophies, etc. There's no entry fees. Perhaps take your aspiring writers, artists, poets and photographers to the website and see how easy it all is. This is a fantastic magazine and available to schools nationwide. Go to or email Rob Leonard at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or the editor, Carol Dick, at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..







Are you interested in small press? Take a look at SPUNC (Small Press Underground Networking Community): They have over 80 members who are well worth supporting. Our own latest catalogue can be downloaded from the Ford Street website.

Free teachers resource ebook at It features a Ford Street title, Paul Collins's The Spell of Undoing.

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Here's some of the latest news. More is available on our website under the news icon.

A chance to win two copies of The Spell of Undoing by Paul Collins at Kids' Book Review:

Mole Hunt by Paul Collins has received some great reviews, and this one at Burn Bright by Bec Stafford matches the best of them:

Bobo, My Superdog by Michael Salmon and Mole Hunt by Paul Collins reviewed at ReadPlus:

Hugo Award-nominated Sean McMullen discusses his latest steampunk novel, Changing Yesterday, at Literary Clutter: and Beauty and Lace:

George Ivanoff interviewed at Aust. Lit. Review: George will also launch his book, Gamers' Challenge, at the Richmond Library, 415 Church Street, Richmond, Victoria on September 17 at 1 pm. Mark it on your calendar if you're in Victoria. These are great launches attended by many children's authors and illustrators.

Tania McCartney promoting Riley and the Grumpy Wombat:

Foz Meadows, author of Solace & Giref, interviewed at The Tribe:

The Glasshouse by Paul Collins and Jo Thompson reviewed at:

F2m by Hazel Edwards and Ryan Kennedy get a great plug at:

Bat Attack! gets reviewed at hittheroadjacq:

Great review of David Miller's Big and Me at:

Di Bates and Julie Fison get interviewed at Need to Read This: and Julie Fison

We're now looking forward to 2012 with books already commissioned from Susanne Gervay, Anna Pignataro, Guundie Kuchling, Paul Collins, Gary Crew and Den Scheer. One exciting project is an anthology to be edited by Paul Collins. This will be a sequel to our best-selling Trust Me! anthology. Trust Me Too will include stories and illustrations from 50 of Australia's leading authors and illustrators including Shaun Tan, Gary Crew, Leigh Hobbs, Phillip Gwynne, Kerry Greenwood, Ian Irvine, Alison Goodman, Mitch Vane, Sally Rippon and many more. 

Select Ford Street titles are now available at amazon or Readings' new ebook store:


"Libraries should be the beating heart of the school, not mausoleums for dusty books."

Stephanie Harvey

Having problems finding our books? Our full list is at: We don't charge postage/handling and in some cases can provide autographed books.

Dear Ford Street Friend

Thanks for reading. This will be our last newsletter for 2011. Happy reading and all the best from the team at Ford Street. 

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