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Creative Net is a speakers’ agency representing a full range of authors and illustrators of children’s and young adult fiction—with the added bonus of having no booking fee.

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An Evening With . . .

Creative Net is hosting its first home base seminar this November 14 at the new warehouse in Abbotsford, Victoria.

With presenters Sally Rippin and Valanga Khoza (author and illustrator of Gezani and the Tricky Baboon), The Monster Who Ate Australia’s Michael Salmon, and Andrew Plant (The Poppy), it’s not a night to be missed.

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2015—it’s time to start planning!


Creative Net is here to make the process of seeking and booking presenters a breeze. Key dates throughout the year will be busy times for ourselves and our presenters though, so now is the time to start organising. As they say, the early bird gets the worm.


Running between the 17-23rd May, Education Week isn’t just for the kids but for teachers and parents too. While a theme for 2015 has yet to be announced, these are dates that need to be scheduled into any good school’s calendar.


From the 22-28th August, schools and libraries across the country will be celebrating all things books! The theme is Books light up our world. With the CBCA also celebrating their 70th Anniversary, 2015’s Book Week will be bigger than ever.


September 8th. Celebrate and advocate literacy in the month of September

Presenting Our Presenters

Scot Gardner

Preferred audience: Years 5 – 10 (Ages 11-16)
Scot Gardner was born in suburban Melbourne but has lived most of his life near the small rural town of Yinnar in Gippsland, Victoria. He got his big break in writing in 2001 after attending a writers' conference with Australia's grand master of realist young adult fiction, John Marsden.

Scot's books and talks could be broadly categorised as social realism and are suitable for upper primary to upper secondary aged audiences. He is both funny and thought-provoking and his workshops lean heavily on personal narrative – the stories that make us who we are.

 Scott Gardner

Adam Wallace

Preferred audience: Primary school—anywhere from Prep to Grade 6
Adam Wallace is a qualified engineer and primary school teacher who discovered a talent for writing hilarious, horrendous and heartfelt books for children. With thirty published titles under his belt, including Better Out Than In and the Pete McGee series, Adam is fast becoming a well-known and well-loved name in the world of children's writing.
Adam's cartooning and writing workshops for primary schools focus on having fun and letting the children explore their creativity without fear of failure. Question time is included, helping students discover what it's like to be an author . . . well, that and how old Adam is and whether he's married. The workshops have proven to be fantastic for advanced and reluctant students alike.


Gabrielle Wang

Preferred audience: Primary talks prep – Grade 6, secondary talks girls only, writing workshops Years 3-10 co-ed, Chinese painting workshops Years 3-10 co-ed, teachers, parents
Gabrielle Wang's stories are a blend of Chinese and Western culture with a touch of fantasy. Her books are about ghost hunters and enchanted gardens, hidden monasteries and fox spirits. They are about belonging and home and finding strength from within. Her latest books are the Poppy books, part of the highly successful Our Australian Girl series published by Penguin.
Gabrielle's primary school talks are a combined talk and drawing workshop. She discusses inspiration and shares stories and pictures then finishes with an illustration. The children come away buzzing with excitement at their own drawings.

 Gabrielle Wang

Mitch Vane

Preferred target audience: Prep to Year 6
Mitch Vane works in a variety of mediums but her favourite is a good old-fashioned messy dip pen and India ink. She often collaborates with partner/Age writer Danny Katz & they are best known for the YABBA Award-winning Little Lunch series.  (Little Lunch is currently being made as a 25 episode mockumentary series with the ABC due out in 2015.)
Mitch concentrates on character development and laughter. She likes to brainstorm with the students to create a funny scenario on the whiteboard, giving a few drawing tricks of the trade, then gets them to create a character of their own. The emphasis is on ideas, not masterpieces & she encourages them to loosen up and think outside the box. It can get a little rowdy, but they always leave with some great drawings and lots of new ideas in their heads.

Mitch Vane 

For our full list of presenters see our website.


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