The Vanilla Slice Kid

The Vanilla Slice Kid

by Adam Wallace and Jack Wodhams

Archie Cunningham is a shy boy who has three things - incredibly mean and greedy parents, no friends, and an amazing power.

An uploaded video shows the world what Archie can do, and he suddenly becomes the main ingredient in a recipe for world domination.

Which is when the fun really begins!


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ISBN: 978-1-925272-02-4
Publication date: 1 October 2015
Extent: 144 pages
Format: B Format paperback
Price: AUD$14.95
Category: Humour
Age guide: 6-10

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About the Authors

Adam Wallace 

Adam Wallace loves writing stories and drawing pictures almost more than zombies love eating brains. Adam has had over 30 books published, and is proud of them all...well, except for the one with that person doing stuff in that place at some time. He hates that one.

Ask Adam to speak at your event.


Jack Wodhams is best known for his 'problem-oriented' science fiction stories. The Vanilla Slice Kid is his first published book for children. Jack likes fiddling with poetry, carpentry and wacky drawing.