Solace and Grief

Solace and Grief

by Foz Meadows

Solace Morgan was born a vampire. Raised in foster care, she has always tried to keep her abilities secret, until an eerie encounter with a faceless man prompts her to run away. Finding others with similar gifts, Solace soon becomes caught up in a strange, more vibrant world than she ever knew existed. But when the mysterious Professor Lukin takes an interest in her friends, she is forced to start asking questions of her own. What happened to her parents? Who is Sharpsoft? And since when has there been a medieval dungeon under Hyde Park?

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ISBN: 978-1-876462-89-5
Publication date: March 2010
Extent: 363
Format: B Format Paperback
Price: AUD$19.95
Category: Young Adult Fiction
Age guide: 15+

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About the Author

Foz Meadows is a bipedal mammal with delusions of immortality. As well as being the author of Solace and Grief and The Key to Starveldt, she also reviews for A Dribble Of Ink and Strange Horizons, and is a contributing writer for The Huffington Post. She likes cheese, geekery, writing, webcomics and general weirdness. Dislikes include Hollywood rom-coms, liquorice and the Republican party. Foz currently lives in Bristol with not enough books and her very own philosopher. Surprisingly, this is a good thing.

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