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2018 - 2019 Ford Street titles

Big & Me (David Miller) February
Stephanie Chiocci and the Cooper’s Hill Cheese Chase (Matt Porter) February
Over the Wall (Michael Panckridge) March
On the Buzzer Michael Panckridge March
The Things We Can’t Undo (Gabrielle Reid) May
The Perfect Leaf (Andrew Plant) June
Jasper Juggles Jellyfish (Ben Long and DM Cornish) July
Time Warper (Cheree Peters) July
Jacaranda Magic (Dannika Patterson and Megan Forward) September
Dragon Apocalypse (DC Green) (Final in the City of Monsters trilogy) September
The Greatest Book in the World (Matt Porter and Dave Atze) 2019
Gorski’s Bitemare (Robert Favretto and Danny Willis) 2019
Super Nova (Krys Saclier and illustrator TBA) 2019
Playtime Circus (Chrissy Byers and Simon O’Carrigan) 2019
Grace’s Mystery Seed (Juliet Sampson and Karen Erasmus) 2019

Great titles from Ford Street during 2017

Clearing the Pack (Michael Panckridge) March

Down the Line (Michael Panckridge) March

Harry Kruize, Born to Lose (Paul Collins) March

Ready, Steady, Hatch! (Ben Long and DM Cornish) May

Great Goal! Marvellous Mark! (Katrina Germein and Janine Dawson) June

Glitch (Michelle Worthington and Andrew Plant) July

Pretty Girls Don't Eat (Winnie Salamon) July

Paper Cranes Don't Fly (Peter Vu) August

My Dog Socks (Robyn Osborne and Sadami Konchi) September



Due 2016


Dance, Bilby, Dance by Tricia Oktober (March)

Alyzon Whitestarr by Isobelle Carmody (April)

Goblin Mafia Wars by DC Green (April)

Time Catcher by Cheree Peters (May)

Three by Justin D'Ath (June)

Home of the Cuckoo Clock by Robert Favretto and David Eustace (July)

Ready, Steady, Hatch! by Ben Long and DM Cornish (August)

Valdur the Viking and the Ghostly Goths by Craig Cormick (Sept)

Spark by Adam Wallace and Andrew Plant (Oct)





2015 titles

 Blue Moon Tricia Oktober (March)

The Warlock's Child six part series (April – September)

The Burning Sea Paul Collins/Sean McMullen

Dragonfall Mountain Paul Collins/Sean McMullen

The Iron Claw Paul Collins/Sean McMullen

Trial by Dragons Paul Collins/Sean McMullen

Voyage to Morticas Paul Collins/Sean McMullen

The Guardians Paul Collins/Sean McMullen

Footy Dreaming Michael Hyde (May)

Scatterlings Isobelle Carmody (July)

Voicing the Dead Gary Crew (August)

Belinda, the Ninja Ballerina Candida Baker and Mitch Vane (September)

The Vanilla Slice Kid Jack Wodhams and Adam Wallace (October)

The Chocolate Vampire Michael Salmon (October)

Rich & Rare Editor Paul Collins, foreword by Sophie Masson (November)



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